It’s Always Been About the Story

From day No. 1, I've been mesmerized by stories. This started with The Black Stallion and The Sound of Music at age 2. (My dad claims I made him watch the former every single night.) As soon as I could read, I progressed to books: Often reading one young-adult book (I had a thing for Nancy Drew novels) a day and spending my elementary recesses with a paperback friend. As a teenager, I had a thing for magazines, and in school gravitated toward English and writing. (Fun Fact: At the end of my senior year of high school, my AP History teacher named me the most likely to be the next Katherine Graham.)

In college, I studied English Literature (very practical, I know) and after working in magazines and two failed attempts at making myself go to law school, I decided to double-down on journalism and publishing with a masters degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

At Medill, I was where I needed to be. Media was changing: The old business models were no longer working but we hadn’t quite figured out the new ones. Marketing was changing: With the new media landscape, companies were realizing that it was much more powerful to pull people in vs. pushing information at them. Enter: Content marketing.

I came out of Medill determined not to win a Pulitzer (although that would be cool) but rather to help companies and organizations figure out how to tell their stories and engage their customers through stories. As a parting gift, my capstone professors shared that they could see me being the next Anna Wintour.

Katherine Graham. Anna Wintour. I’ve got big shoes to fill.

Fast forward to today: I like to say that I’m a magazine editor turned content marketer. I’ve worked with some of the country’s biggest, most beloved, and innovative brands through my work at Redbird and my Studio, helping each to better reach and engage their audiences through story-driven content.

I’m often asked, “What do you mean by content?” My answer: These days, everything is content, much like how the wise and witty Nora Ephron knew that “Everything is copy.”

A Note on Who I Work With: I focus on progressive, forward-thinking, change-focused brands and organizations. If you’re looking to grow your business or organization — and know that storytelling is key to that growth — to move the world forward, let’s talk.


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