I'm always working on a thing or two. I can't help it–I'm a creator after all. Below is a sampling of current and past projects.


NEWSLETTER // the art of the edit

The weekly the The Art of the Edit newsletter explores the ideas, people, companies, tools, products, and theories to help us on this path of doing things differently. Each issue includes a letter from the editor, me, and a selection of things for your consideration and contemplation. If you'd like to sign up to receive The Art of the Edit, you can do so here (or in the sign-up form below). 

Explore The Art of the Edit archives here. 

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RECIPES // Tavaner's Test Kitchen

Recipes are everywhere: On websites, blogs, social media, in newsletters, cookbooks, videos, newspapers. Everywhere. Overwhelmed by what I've heard described as "peak recipe" and fed up with recipe after recipe that simply didn't work, I started Tavaner's Test Kitchen: An email newsletter of recipes I've personally curated and tested, recipes that I know will work, served with a side of thinking about food and life.

View the Tavaner's Test Kitchen archives here

(I'm in the process of moving the recipes I've curated for Tavaner's Test Kitchen from the newsletter archives to the website. Stay tuned.)