Issue No. 5: Do The Thing

"We kept our heads down and did our jobs. We controlled only the things we could, which was the show. We did the thing. Because remember, the talking about the thing isn’t the thing. The doing of the thing is the thing." 

- Amy Poehler, 
Yes Please


I got so many responses to last week's issue that I decided to do a round two of working differently. (Here's round one in case you'd like to revisit or missed it.)

Below, are some key articles and books that have impacted my thinking about how I work (and how I choose to spend my time) as well as some key tools to daily (and hourly) success.

I've also included a few fun things. One idea that I'm wrapping my head around is: work can be work but it can also be play. There really is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as it, well, works for you. 

The T Letter will be taking a break next week because I'll be #OptingOutside

Happy, happy Thanksgiving. 


1. READING ...  
Revisiting these gems: 

2. EMBRACING ...  
Disequilibrium. Why? "Learning isn’t about the consumption of new information. Learning is the process of using our innate abilities to construct—or create—new understandings of the world. Learning, by its very nature, is a creative act."

About coworking in exotic places one month at a time, a realistic possibility thanks to Unsettled. Who is in for a 30-day coworking retreat in, say, Bali?!

Deep work sessions (at least one a day) thanks to Cal Newport's book Deep Work. Fun fact: The dude has never had a Facebook account. And yes, he's not only alive but quite successful. (Get a sneak peak as well a few other productivity titles.)

With the help of a Best Self Journal (I'm halfway through my first) and six-week work cycles.

6. PREPARING ...  
For Thanksgiving with none other than SNL's A Thanksgiving Miracle sketchfeaturing Adele's hit "Hello." Just brilliant. 

7. COOKING ...  
(And looking forward to eating) all these recipes come Thursday. They're not all exactly traditional but they've become #tradition. 

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