Issue No. 3: Heart Metrics

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"Do not think you can be brave with your life and your work and never disappoint anyone. It doesn't work that way."

― Oprah Winfrey 

Hello, hello, 

I recently attended an AIGA event in Honolulu where the Managing Director of IDEOTokyo gave a talk on the heart-money equation. The concept here goes something like this: There are seemingly endless ways to evaluate whether a project (your life?) was successful from a monetary perspective, ie. metrics like ROI, revenue, profit, etc. But how do we measure whether a project was successful in terms of the "heart"—how we feel about it, its non-monetary impact. 

So, in true IDEO fashion, the company developed a deck of cards that provides a framework for evaluating the creative/heart metrics of a project. Each card, or metric, offers a series of questions to ask. These seven "heart" metrics are (with a sample question or two for each):

  1. Beauty - Is the work visually arresting?

  2. Brains - Does the work feel smart, clever? Is it simple?

  3. Bravery - Does the work and team embody risk taking? Is it inspiring change?

  4. Heart - Does the work inspire or embody emotional range? Does it illuminate some indescribable quality of being human

  5. Magic - Does the work inspire awe and wonder?

  6. Mastery - Does the work feel considered down to every last detail? Did it push you to learn a new skill or tool?

  7. Rigor - Does the work feel comprehensive in process or outcome? Does it feel solid, no stone un-turned?

I can't help but wonder what our world might look like if these were the metrics of success. What would it, and our lives, look like, if we tipped the heart-money equation just a little more in the direction of heart?


Brene Brown’s most recent book Braving the Wilderness. Here are a few nuggets of gold: 

  • Social media can be the catalyst but face-to-face is the connection

  • It's okay to not know everything about everything. “I don’t know much about that. Please tell me more.” is a brave and honest response. 

  • Perhaps the challenge of this moment in the world is living from our wild hearts rather than our weary hurt. 

Privacy seems to be a luxury these days. Thankfully, TunnelBear (a VPN service) makes privacy less fantasy more reality. Install it on all your devices and upgrade to unlimited. You won't regret it.   

Everything from The Reformation and appreciating the fact that sustainable clothing can be so damn stylish. (Case and point.)

I've been a yogi for almost half my life but my yoga path never connected me with Kundalini Yoga until now. The experience offered me a much-needed reminder that there is no one right way to practice yoga, and that shaking every part of your body for three minutes and pounding on the floor can be yoga. 

On coffee beans from Kona Coffee Purveyors to combat the grayest of Seattle days. 

How smartphones have ruined the current teenage generationRuined might too strong, but it's certainly not looking good. 

What it would be like to be a fisherwoman in Alaska. I'm not entertaining the idea of such a drastic change in lifestyle (or career), but I do wonder what it would be like for my job to be outside

The mantra "Health is wealth." Because it's true.

My next getaway and narrowing down where to stay with Plans Matter, basically AirBnb for the design- and-architecture-minded. 

To perhaps the best 80s song everOh yes. #soundtracktomychildhood

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