Hello. I'm a writer, editor, strategist and creator. Welcome to my tiny-but-mighty studio.

I work with purpose-driven companies and organizations to change the world for good, one authentic story at a time. 

Different How? Great Question. 


Walking The Talk  

I'm a consultant and a creator. I'm right-brained and left-brained. I bring all of this with me into every project that I take on, whether for the Studio or for a client. 


Driven by Mission

I work with purpose-driven brands and organizations who want to level up and become who they really are by developing authentic, valuable stories to meaningfully connect and impact change.


DEEP Experience

With more than ten years of editorial and marketing experience, I can proudly say that this is not my first rodeo. I've been doing this long enough to have a perspective, an established process, and the confidence to get the job done (and done well) that comes only from real-world experience.  

Let's Work Together

1. You Need a Bigger (But Nimble Team)

You've got a small marketing team (maybe just you) and you need an expert with deep editorial experience to bring knowledge, resources and time to the table.

2. You Need a Rescue

You hired someone or a team to create content for you and the quality is poor. You're wondering if a) it can be salvaged and b) how it can be turned into something valuable, even high-quality.

3. You Don't Know Next Steps

You have a goal and you think editorial and storytelling might help you get there but you're not quite sure how or where to begin.

4. You Want to Create High-Quality Editorial

Your heart (and your business) is set on publishing a magazine (podcast, e-book, booklet, blog series, etc.) that your customers will love, and you need someone to help bring it to life.

5. You Need a Collaborator

You want to ideate, bounce ideas around, mind map and talk through a way forwardβ€”you just need a peer to work with. 


Curious? good. please Say hello here.