This tiny-but-mighty studio is an editorial and creative consultancy, publisher of things, and an incubator of ideas.

It's got one foot in Seattle and the other in Hawaii. (You could say it's got that mountain-bug-meets-beach spirit.) 

I'm all about helping people live and work differently. The way we are doing so many things—eating, producing food, treating the planet, working, connecting, communicating, consuming, using our devices, living—isn't working. It's not sustainable.

I do this by:

Consulting and collaborating with purpose-driven companies and organizations who want to level up their storytelling for impact and positive change. Learn about my experience and qualifications here

Producing and sharing my own stories and media. Check out some of my current and past projects here, including the bi-weekly T. Letter newsletter, which you can sign up for here

Incubating business and product ideas around the following seven beliefs:

  1. "In real life" is the way of the future. 
  2. Health is wealth (and you won't find it in a tiny pill). 
  3. Consuming less enables you to live more.  
  4. We can work differently (even less) and be more effective, more creative. 
  5. It's possibleand in our best interestto live sustainably, even regeneratively, and live well.  
  6. Face-to-face connection with nature and people is essential for a life of meaning. 
  7. Privacy is a luxury (and it shouldn't be).