My Work

Good creative work is rarely the result just one person. In my experience, it’s always a team effort. In that spirit, I would never dare take sole credit for the work I’ve included below. All was created in collaboration with a collection of talented editors, writers, designers, videographers, strategists, clients, and more.

EO Products

In partnership with Redbird, we developed a brand purpose strategy for the 23-year-old natural skincare company’s two brands: EO and Everyone. This involved:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders to gather information to craft the company's purpose (its why).

  • Developing a brand hierarchy and structure for the company and its two brands.

  • Crafting about copy for the company and the two brands.

  • Developing brand slogans for each brand.

  • Providing clarity around the differences and similarities between the two brands and crafting language corresponding language.

Additionally, we developed audience mindsets as well as creative concepts for key integrated marketing campaigns and experiences.


For Costco, we developed a creative concept and assets for a digital campaign to raise awareness for Costco Services, an exclusive member benefit.


Our work with California Closets centered around the company’s new website. This was part of a larger rebranding effort, introducing the brand’s purpose of “designing better lives.” My team worked closely with the internal California Clients team to develop all the copy for the robust site. Our scope included product, process, and foundational copy.

Post the launch of the website, we developed a cross-platform (social, email, blog, and internal communications) content strategy to drive ongoing sales and engagement.


My work with Australis has primarily focused on behind-the-scenes content and brand strategy, building a team of content creators; and content development for the blog, newsletter, and print collateral (including an Essential Guide to Sustainable Seafood).


  • "Table Read" in The Alcalde (The University of Texas’s alumni magazine) - Sept/October 2016 print issue

  • “From Pool to Table” in The Alcalde - July/August 2012 print issue (feature)

  • “Victory Bonds” in the (now-defunct) Chicago Sun-Times - Cover story in the Food Section


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